Day: December 1, 2013


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Laughing hella hard

Had the best time w/fam #lhh

This is my flower!

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I said move!  This is my flower!

Carpe Noctem

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Sieze the night. The oposite of carpe diem. Get work done durring the night and sleep all day!

Coders who are lazy during the day and code ’til 5 in the morning! Drink Bawls, stay awake!

Tongue caught in Mousetrap

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Tongue caught in Mousetrap!  Why would you do this to yourself?



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The disorder in which a person experiences excessive anger towards those who smack their food or breathe too heavily.
Rachel: “Dude, what’s wrong with Tori?”

Truett: “Oh nothing, Sarah is eating and Tori is having some misophonia trouble.”

A Horny Shame

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Not only was it an epic fail but it was caught on video for the world to see!  Hang your horn in shame!  LMAO!!!

Go Duck Yourself

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When you try to type “Go fuck yourself”, but you auto correct turned it to that. Also can happen if you have large thumbs, and you type “go fuck yourself”
“Fuck you”
“Go duck yourself”


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What style, what grace, what OUCH!!!

Managerial We

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When a manager says “we” and means “you”
Bossman: We need to fix this 
Wageslave: OK, should I set up a meeting for us? 
Bossman: No, just do it. That was the “managerial we”; I meant “you”